Two Pack of ProofPlus Leather Cleaner 16oz
dirty leather loafers before cleaned compared to clean leather after cleaned
ProofPlus Leather Cleaner bottle, new nozzle, improved formula, different look, always PFAS-free
cloth cleaning old leather shoes and icons PFAS-free, no residue, non toxic
How to apply shoe fabric protector: 1. wipe off dirt 2. spray on cloth 3. gently scrub 4. repeat until clean

ProofPlus™ Leather Cleaner

ProofPlus™ Leather Cleaner

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  • Removes dirt, grime, & stains
  • PFAS-free & non-toxic
  • Does not leave an oily residue
  • Safe for people, pets, & the planet
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You'll love using ProofPlus™ Leather Cleaner on:

leather car seat, couch, shoes, cowboy boots, wallet icons leather car seat, couch, shoes, cowboy boots, wallet icons

Your leather items should remain beautiful and resilient like the day you bought them. ProofPlus™ Leather Cleaner can help you do just that! Try ProofPlus™ Leather Cleaner for a gentle but powerful clean that will revitalize your favorite leather!

  1. Wipe off excess dirt
  2. Spray on clean cloth
  3. Gently scrub
  4. Repeat until clean

Safe to use on:

  • leather
  • synthetic leather
  • vegan leather

Not recommended to be used on:

  • suede

We recommend using a lint-free, colorfast cloth for the ideal application. Never spray directly onto the leather. If you don’t have a lint-free, colorfast cloth available, you can use a paper towel or horse hair brush. If you intend to use another application method, make sure to test a hidden area first before doing a full application.

We recommend cleaning your leather often to keep it lasting for many years to come! Frequently used items should be cleaned & conditioned every 2 months to keep them looking new. For products that get less wear & tear and are not exposed to harsh conditions, you can clean & condition them every 6 months. 

Tip! We recommend using ProofPlus™ Leather Conditioner & Protector after cleaning to revive & restore flexibility to your item.

Please view ProofPlus™ Leather Cleaner safety data sheet here.

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