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Spritz with reckless abandon because our products are safe for people, pets + the planet.

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People, pet + planet friendly

It should go without saying that products that protect shouldn’t do harm — but plenty of household essentials on the market do just that. From stain-lifting to fabric-guarding, every product in the ProofPlus™ lineup is free of everything on the no-no list: No PFAS or fluorine, no aerosols, and no cancer-causing ingredients for people, pets, or the planet.

At ProofPlus™ we vow to protect what + who we love by producing safer household essentials. Our products are:

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Sustainable Packaging

During product design, we kept the environment in mind and chose packaging options that live up to the standards of green thinkers.

Powered By Air
  • contains product only - no nasty propellents
  • 100% powered by compressed air
  • zero-waste PET plastic for recyclability
  • Trigger Sprayer
  • contains product only - no nasty propellents
  • reusable sprayer for multipacks
  • zero-waste PET plastic for recyclability

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    Green Manufacturing

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    Clean Formulations

    Our in-house Research and Development team carefully selects ingredients that reduce negative health + environmental impacts.

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    Local Sourcing

    As a small business ourselves, we value partnering with domestic suppliers which reduces our carbon footprint.

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    In-House Production

    From formulation to filling to labelling + boxing, everything is manufactured here in the USA.