ProofPlus home bottle being sprayed onto bed upholstery ProofPlus home bottle being sprayed onto bed upholstery

Spills & stains aren't welcome. Same goes for harmful chemicals.

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swipe left on stains, coffee penetrating into not protected chair
it's a match, coffee rolling off a fabric protected chair

Be good to your belongings (and our planet, too)

PFAS-Free & Non-Toxic


Powered By Air

True Performance

There’s nothing more satisfying than watching a spill bead up and roll right off your favorite shirt, seat, or rug. We will cover you, no matter what life throws your way.
orange liquid beading off a protected white shoe

People, pet, & planet friendly

ProofPlus™ products are free of everything on the no-no list: No PFAS or fluorine, no aerosols, and no cancer-causing ingredients for people, pets, or the planet.
liquid beading up after mother spilling orange juice on daughters lunch box

Easy to use, easy to love

When life’s taken care of, everything is simpler — and with Proof+ products, protecting what you love is effortless.
white shoes being sprayed by ProofPlus Shoe Fabric Protector

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