ProofPlus Clothing Fabric Protector
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ProofPlus Clothing Fabric Protector bottle, new nozzle, improved formula, different look, always PFAS-free
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How to apply clothing fabric protector: 1. clean surface 2. spray 3. let dry 60 minutes 4. reapply 5. air dry for 24-48 hours

ProofPlus™ Clothing Fabric Protector

ProofPlus™ Clothing Fabric Protector

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  • Repels liquids & blocks stains
  • PFAS-free & non-toxic
  • Does not change look or feel of fabric
  • Safe for people, pets, & the planet
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You'll love using ProofPlus™ Clothing Fabric Protector on:

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ProofPlus™ Clothing Fabric Protector creates an invisible barrier that helps protect apparel from damage caused by liquid stains. Simply spray this treatment on any fabric and watch it magically repel liquids and help protect your favorite clothing from absorbing stains.

  1. Clean surface
  2. Spray 6"-8" from surface
  3. Wait 30-60 minutes
  4. Reapply protector
  5. Air dry for 24-48 hours

Safe to use on:

  • cotton
  • linen
  • polyester
  • canvas
  • rayon
  • denim
  • & more

Not recommended to be used on:

  • suede
  • leather
  • synthetic leather

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A 200ml (6.8 oz) bottle of ProofPlus™ Clothing Fabric Protector will cover approximately 20.4 ft².*

*Coverage is approximate & can vary depending on fabric surface.

For best performance, we recommend reapplying ProofPlus™ Clothing Fabric Protector every 4-6 months.

If the protected item is being washed, we recommend applying after each wash.

Protected surfaces that encounter high abrasion may require reapplication more frequently.

Yes, you can apply the protector on your clothing item either wet (from the wash) or dry, and then use a drying machine to cure the protector.

Please view ProofPlus™ Clothing Fabric Protector safety data sheet here.

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