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Freshen Up Your Space and Your Mind: The Ultimate Guide to Spring Cleaning

Spring has arrived, and so has the annual tradition of the Spring Cleaning of your home! Spring Cleaning is the time to deep clean and refresh your home after the long winter months have ended. A time to declutter, organize and tackle those areas of your home that have been untouched for the previous few months. Whether dusting, washing windows, mopping your floors, or scrubbing your counters to purging old items from the closets. Spring cleaning might seem daunting with the many to-dos to be checked off, but the results are worth every moment. Not only does your home feel, look and be cleaner, but it improves the mood of everyone in your household. So let’s roll up our sleeves and dive into the best tips n tricks of spring cleaning 101. 

Cleaning Checklist

Step One: Develop a Plan

You must make a game plan for your spring cleaning process, allowing you to prioritize your task, identify problem areas, and list needed cleaning products and an estimated timeline. Spring cleaning can be overwhelming by itself, recruit friends and family, and make it enjoyable! Alongside organizing what you need and make it enjoyable! 

Spring Cleaning

Step Two: Declutter

The most vital part of spring cleaning happens before you officially start the physical cleaning process. The process of decluttering your home seems like a daunting task, especially when you are thinking of your home as a whole. The best plan of action is to begin by focusing on one space or room at a time. Start at the top or bottom of your home, choose a room, and get rid of anything you no longer want, need, or use; either donate, sell, or trash anything you find in this process. Once you have completed one room, move on to the next and continue until you have hit every room in your home. 

Spring Cleaning

Step Three: Deep Clean

Now that you have a game plan and got rid of clutter that you no longer need, it’s time to begin the process of deep cleaning your home. This means hitting every nook and cranny of your place, focusing on one room at a time to make it less overwhelming, and hitting every spot, nook, and cranny of every room you cover. Start high and move low; begin scrubbing, dusting, or vacuuming ceiling fans, drapes, top of shelves, and anywhere high. Then move towards medium height, wiping dressers, countertops, windows, and desks. Finally, vacuum the low parts of your home, mop, and sweep under counters, floors, carpets, and more. Starting high and moving low will ensure no rocks are unturned and you hit every spot of your home. Once again, when you finish a room, move on to the next until everything has been cleaned. 

Step Four:  Protect Your Items

After you have deep-cleaned your entire house, you will hope it stays clean, but it can sometimes be challenging to keep your home looking as fresh and clean as you wish. Life and spills and stains happen; that’s where ProofPlus™ comes to change the game.

ProofPlus™ Fabric Protectors are a powerful, PFAS-free, non-toxic treatment that protects your favorite household items from liquid spills, stains, and accidents. The spray creates an invisible barrier that repels liquids and slows down their absorption, allowing easier clean-up and preventing stains from penetrating your favorite rugs, chairs, sofas, and upholstery.

ProofPlus™ prevents stains from settling into your fabrics and improves stain release, ensuring that even if a stain does occur, it’s easier to remove and less likely to reappear over time. ProofPlus™ Protectors are free of PFAS, harmful fluorochemicals commonly found in fabric protectors. Making ProofPlus™ safe to use in your home, around people, and pets, and it can even be used inside without needing a mask. With an easy two-step application process, ProofPlus™ is a quick and convenient way to protect your home. 

ProofPlus™ Home Fabric Protector can be used on various surfaces, including sofas, couches, fabric chairs, decorative pillows, table runners, and place settings. ProofPlus™' Home Fabric Protector is perfect for wall-to-wall carpeting, area rugs, throw rugs or bathroom mats; ProofPlus™ will keep them looking and feeling their best for longer. When using ProofPlus™ as a part of your spring cleaning routine, you can protect what you love from stains and spills. 



Who is ProofPlus™?

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