young woman on couch cuddling with two small dogs

The Ultimate Pet Parent Life Hack!

Picture this: You’ve just bathed your beloved pooch, and he’s all clean, fluffy, and smelling good. But as he sets foot outside the bath, his mission becomes clear: zoomies have activated. Soon enough, you have a bullet of fur racing across your living room and the sound of your morning orange juice spilling across your couch and carpet. You can feel the stain forming.  

That’s where we come in to save the day. ProofPlus™ Fabric Protectors are like a magical forcefield for all your home fabrics that repel liquids that cause stains, including water, juice, wine, coffee, and more. ProofPlus™ is the perfect product for any pet parent, no matter how messy. Not so proactive? Don’t worry; we get it! That’s why we also have a powerful ProofPlus™ Pet Stain & Odor Remover – from a zoomy spilled drink to muddy paw prints, we have you covered.

Magic in a Bottle 

ProofPlus™ fabric protectors are the ultimate stain-preventing solution for a colorful, stain-free life. With its powerful stain repellency, ProofPlus™ fabric protectors create an invisible shield that prevents liquids from penetrating fabrics, making spills a thing of the past. The non-toxic and PFAS-free formula ensures safety and sustainability, protecting your fabrics and the environment. Breathability and comfort are prioritized, allowing fabrics to breathe freely while remaining stain-resistant. Applying ProofPlus™ is easy, with long-lasting results that protect your cherished items from liquid mishaps. Embrace a stain-free, worry-free lifestyle with ProofPlus™ Home Protector and let your fabrics shine!

Your Furniture’s New Best Friend

Say goodbye to the days of fretting over your beloved couch becoming a canvas for your pet’s messy adventures. With ProofPlus™ Home Protector, you can now protect your sofa from pet stains like never before! Whether it’s a slobbery kiss from your pup or an unexpected spill from your mischievous feline, ProofPlus™ creates an invisible shield repels stains, ensuring your couch stays pristine. No longer will you need to cover your furniture with unsightly blankets or worry about the aftermath of playful pet shenanigans. ProofPlus™ lets you relax and enjoy quality cuddle time with your furry friend, knowing that the couch shields you from the messiest mishap. It’s like having a superpower that keeps your home clean and stress levels at bay. 

Goodbye Stains

Dealing with pet stains can be a real headache, but ProofPlus™ Pet Odor & Stain Remover is here to save the day. Its powerful stain-fighting formula tackles even the toughest stains, leaving your surfaces spotless and odor-free. Say goodbye to lingering pet odors with ProofPlus™odor-eliminating powers. This versatile superhero can handle various stains, from urine to even those mysterious marks. Plus, it’s pet, human, and environmentally friendly, providing peace of mind while effectively removing stains. ProofPlus™ Pet Odor & Stain Remover is a must-have for any pet parents. Restore cleanliness and harmony in your home with this magical elixir! 

So there you have it, folks! ProofPlus™ is the pet parent’s secret weapon against the forces of mess and chaos. With the protectors’ magical powers of repelling liquid stains and the stain removers’ stain-erasing & odor-eliminating ability, your life as a fur parent will become much more accessible and cleaner. Say goodbye to the constant clean-ups and hello to a tidier, happier home! 



Who is ProofPlus™?

ProofPlus™ is the protectors of couches, the saviors of rugs, and the champions of white shirts everywhere. Our mission? To make sure that your belongings stay pristine, while you strut your stuff with confidence. Whether it's a rogue splash of coffee or an accidental ketchup catastrophe, ProofPlus™ is here to save the day! But we don't stop at cleanliness alone. ProofPlus™ is on a mission to make the world a better place for people, pets, and the planet. Our products are free from harmful ingredients, because we believe in protecting what you love without compromising on safety. We are ProofPlus, and we're here to prove that cleaning can be fun, safe, and oh-so-satisfying. Welcome to the ProofPlus family, where messes meet their match!