Welcoming ProofPlus™ to the DetraPel Family

Here at ProofPlus™, we are excited to unveil our new identity and share our journey of growth and transformation with you! We were once known as DetraPel, a brand synonymous with powerful stain repellency and commitment to safety. Today, we proudly reintroduce ourselves as ProofPlus™, a rebranded and evolved version of our former self. 

Despite our new identity, we remain at the forefront of innovative solutions for protecting your favorite fabrics and belongings. Our mission remains unwavering-to deliver high-performance products that safeguard what you love while upholding the highest standards of sustainability and safety. We still have that unyielding focus on providing PFAS-free, eco-friendly, and non-toxic alternatives. ProofPlus™ is redefining what protecting the things and people you cherish means. Think of us as your friend who got a new hairstyle, we may look different, but we are the same old friend you have come to love. 

Our rebranding represents our commitment to continuously improve and cater to your evolving needs, as you are the most important person to us. While our name has changed, our commitment to delivering exceptional household essentials that cater to your needs remains unchanged. Still, we have redefined our approach to provide an even more rewarding experience. 

As our valued customers, we understand that you seek products that adapt to various situations and meet multiple requirements. In doing so, we have optimized each Protector to be more versatile, allowing it to address a broader range of needs. Whether protecting your favorite blouse from a sudden spill, preserving your cherished rug from stains, or keeping your outdoor gear pristine under the sun, our products have been carefully crafted to serve multiple purposes. 

Join us on this exciting journey as we embrace the power of transformation and step into the future as ProofPlus™. We remain dedicated to empowering you to live sustainably and confidently, knowing that a genuinely caring brand backs your favorite products. 

Welcome to ProofPlus™, your trusted partner in sustainable protection, now and always.



Who is ProofPlus™?

ProofPlus™ is the protectors of couches, the saviors of rugs, and the champions of white shirts everywhere. Our mission? To make sure that your belongings stay pristine, while you strut your stuff with confidence. Whether it's a rogue splash of coffee or an accidental ketchup catastrophe, ProofPlus™ is here to save the day! But we don't stop at cleanliness alone. ProofPlus™ is on a mission to make the world a better place for people, pets, and the planet. Our products are free from harmful ingredients, because we believe in protecting what you love without compromising on safety. We are ProofPlus, and we're here to prove that cleaning can be fun, safe, and oh-so-satisfying. Welcome to the ProofPlus family, where messes meet their match!