Cleaning Up Pet Stain

The Ultimate Pet Clean-Up Crusader

Welcome to the frontline of the furry friend mess battlefield, where we unveil our secret weapon: ProofPlus Pet Stain & Odor Remover. Bid farewell to those cringe-worthy "Ew, what's that smell?" moments and step into a realm of a cleaner, fresher, and downright more fabulous pet-friendly home. With ProofPlus in hand, we're ready to transform pet care challenges into victories, ensuring every corner of your space radiates cleanliness and invites you and your furry companions to revel in a spotless haven. Let the journey to a happier, stain-free and odor-free home commence! 

Why ProofPlus? 

 It's not just a solution for pet messes; it's a testament to our unwavering dedication to a cleaner and greener world. Embracing sustainability at every stage, from formulation to your home, we prioritize eco-friendly practices to ensure our household essentials are truly clean and green. Our Pet Stain & Odor creates a haven for people, pets, and the planet. This commitment is not merely a choice; it's a necessity in our mission to protect your home from spills while keeping you free from harmful toxins. Manufactured in the USA just outside of Boston, MA, and packaged in sustainable solutions, ProofPlus exemplifies our dedication to an eco-friendly approach. We go the extra mile to prioritize the well-being of your entire household and the environment. Our formula is PFAS-free and non-toxic, ensuring a safe and secure environment for your loved ones and our planet. At ProofPlus, we believe that true cleanliness encompasses a holistic approach that safeguards your home and the world we all share.

Graphic of Spray Attacking Stain


Attack of the Enzymes: 10x Style! 

This isn't your average stain remover; it's a stain annihilator! Packed with the power of ten, our enzymatic technology doesn't just clean – it obliterates stains and kicks odor-causing molecules to the curb. Imagine this: 10 times the power, 10 times the effectiveness. It's a stain-fighting force to be reckoned with. Think of it as a tiny army of stain-fighting ninjas working their magic on your behalf. These enzymatic warriors penetrate deep, breaking down stains at the molecular level. With ProofPlus, experience a spotless home as our stain-fighting ninjas ensure a cleaner, fresher haven for you and your furry friends. Say farewell to stains and odors and hello to a new level of cleaning! 

How to Use ProofPlus Pet Stain & Odor Remover: A Stain-Fighting Symphony in 5 Steps

  1. Dab Stained Area: Gently pat the stain, removing any leftover mess to the best of your ability. 
  2. Saturate the Stain: Show that stain who’s boss by saturing it with ProofPlus’ power. Let the enzymatic magic begin! 
  3. Wait 30 Minutes: Give the enzymatic technology some time to do its thing. Go grab a snack or practice your victory dance. 
  4. Blot Stain: Armed with a clean cloth, blot away evidence of your pet’s little oopsie. Admire your stain-free triumph! 
  5. Rinse Until Clean: Rinse the area thoroughly to remove additional product.  Cleanliness achievement unlocked! 
  6. Repeat if Needed:  Even a superhero has its limits, and so does ProofPlus. Repeat the steps for those extra stubborn stains and watch the magic intensify. It’s all about persistence and a touch of stain-fighting flair! 

As we close the curtain on the furry friend mess battlefield, ProofPlus stands as the hero, leaving behind a spotless paradise for you and your furry companions. Say goodbye to stains and odors, and let the harmonious melody of a cleaner, happier home resonate. The ProofPlus promise endures a cleaner space, a greener planet, and a joyous home for pet enthusiasts everywhere. 



Who is ProofPlus?

ProofPlus is the protector of couches, the saviors of rugs, and the champion of white shirts everywhere. Our mission? Ensure that your belongings stay pristine while you strut your stuff with confidence. Whether it's a rogue splash of coffee or an accidental ketchup catastrophe, ProofPlus is here to save the day! But we don't stop at cleanliness alone. ProofPlus™ is on a mission to make the world a better place for people, pets, and the planet. Our products are free from harmful ingredients because we believe in protecting what you love without compromising on safety. We are ProofPlus, here to prove that cleaning can be fun, safe, and oh-so-satisfying. Welcome to the ProofPlus family, where messes meet their match!